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Artist Eliza Bennett takes embroidery to an almost shocking level with her work of art Woman’s Work is Never Done

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Graced with Light | Anne Patterson | Via

It’s hard to improve on the interior design of a building as hallowed and grandiose as Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, famed for its stained-glass windows, two labyrinths, and mosaics by Jan Henryk De Rosen. But New York-based artist Anne Patterson managed to make the space even more magical with her installation “Graced With Light,” made from 20 miles of silk ribbons suspended from the cathedral’s vaulted ceiling arches. In blue, green, red, and maroon, the ribbons reflect light from the windows like shimmering celestial curtains. Hundreds of community members were invited to write their prayers, hopes, and wishes on the red ribbons, sending them toward heaven.

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#after watching this for the millionth time i’ve realized this is what i must sound like when im fangirling out loud

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this is my favorite post of all time

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Concept: Disposable Food Bowl by Michal Marko

Designer Michal Marko created a disposable food bowl concept (with minimum environmental impact) while teaching society about new biodegradable materials. On the label it states: “Enjoy your food. Then put the seeds from under the label with gravel into the bowl and let it grow. After a week, plant bowl with a herb into the ground. The bowl will degrade and you can grown your own herb.” Can you imagine this bowl used in all fast-food restaurants? It would change our worldview. For this reason, I believe the concept is exceptional.

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how the fuck does Old Man Jenkins weigh 250 pounds if Spongebob weighs 1 ounce


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bored? Just be a fucking Table,


bored? Just be a fucking Table,

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“i am so fucking done” i say as i pull myself from the oven. i have been cooked to perfection

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